At the end of the college semester, a student will likely have to commit to a final examination or final thesis. Such a thesis can come in different forms, depending on the course and the professor’s preferences. Whatever the case may be, you will likely have to follow specific criteria to create your thesis.

Research Project

You may have to write an academic paper in which you create an argumentative thesis. Your professor may require a minimum page length with a minimum, or maximum number of bibliographical sources to support your argument. Make sure to have your professor approve your thesis. He or she may suggest ways to improve your thesis or ask for something entirely different. Lastly, make sure you have enough sources to defend your argument.

Presentation Project

Some courses may require you to prepare a presentation in front of the class, either individually or with a group of your peers. Instead of writing a thesis paper, you will present your arguments before the class, perhaps using visual aids such as a PowerPoint or other relevant props. Your professor may also require an outline to be submitted on the day of your presentation. The subject matter should be relevant to the class. Remember, as with your research project, make sure to review your thesis with your professor before beginning the project.

Performance Project

A performance project is common in humanities, film or performance art courses. A student will either create a video, film or audio recording with a specific theme or thesis embedded within. The project may also be a series of paintings or art pieces, a live stage performance of a monologue or dialogue as it relates to the overarching thesis, or a creative writing piece.

Manuscript Style

As opposed to research papers, manuscript-style papers may require a writing partner and multiple theses, which may imply a more numerous page count. If the paper requires a writing partner, you should both keep notes on your research and source material for your professor. Your professor may require a roughly two page outline before writing the full manuscript.

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