The TOEFL, or Test of English as a Foreign Language, is an exam that measures your competency of the English language. It requires you to understand and respond to English at a college level. Earning a high score on the TOEFL means you are capable of attending a U.S. college and participating in college lectures [...]

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Question that will be useful in essay writing

It would seem that answers are important while writing an essay. But the truth is that the only questions will be your guiding light during your work. Asking them to you, you can easily control yourself and check the quality of an essay. Was the main theme of the essay disclosed or not? Were arguments [...]

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Learning to write an effective scholarly thesis statement is essential for doing well in writing courses at all levels of education. Outside of the classroom, thesis statements can also be useful in the workplace because they teach you how to focus your content and organize your thoughts. For a distinct advantage in writing, learn how [...]