A graduate thesis is an important part of the overall requirements for a graduate degree. In most majors, graduate students must complete a thesis and have it approved by their thesis committee. The graduate thesis is regarded as a formal paper which serves a specific purpose; the student must identify an original question, theory or [...]

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Scientific essays are challenging to write. While most essays are conversational and persuasive, a scientific essay is meant to inform. The structure and format of a scientific essay is different from other types of writing. Knowing these key differences is an important part of writing a well-written essay. Here is how to write a scientific [...]

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Alright, now you have this task. Write an essay about this and this and that. On the one hand, this topic is pretty clear, but on the other hand – what do you begin with actually? Keep calm, this is no magic trick, that is expected from you. As someone said – correct planning is [...]