While tests in various subjects are required for promotion and graduation in Texas public schools, preparing for them doesn’t have to be a painful or uncertain process. In fact, the Texas Education Agency provides a wide variety of free resources to help students prepare for and pass the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) [...]

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The 10 principles of economics provide a framework for understanding economics and explaining human behavior. Harvard economist, Gregory Mankiw, and others outline the principles, which synthesize economic thought into a series of statements that help understand how people behave, how they interact in society and how economies work. Instructors can help illustrate the explanatory value [...]

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A great career essay will give your reader a balanced idea of what it’s like to train for and enter a particular field. In addition to the usual topics like education, training, and job duties, an interesting and well-researched essay will also cover things like perks, promotion possibilities, eligibility for freelancing or consulting and an [...]

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