A great career essay will give your reader a balanced idea of what it’s like to train for and enter a particular field. In addition to the usual topics like education, training, and job duties, an interesting and well-researched essay will also cover things like perks, promotion possibilities, eligibility for freelancing or consulting and an [...]

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Aptitude and abilities testing can help to determine what subjects or tasks a person is good at. These tests can help define a person’s strengths and weaknesses. They are an especially useful tool in both the military and civilian workforce for matching candidates to the appropriate job based on their skills and aptitudes. Career Aptitude [...]

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The practice of taking in modern universities, high schools, colleges and even at work is that we need to show our ability to think and communicate as well as represent our ideas to a finite audience. That’s why exams and tests are supplemented or even replaced by essay. In previous articles, we devoted much time [...]