Can a news article survive without a headline? How about an essay can go without a title? Titles are the first thing we should write in any form of paper or publication. It interprets what the story, article or essay is all about. Being an introduction to any essay copy, titles should be sharp and brief. Long or short titles will do it’s purpose as long as it caught the attention of the readers and get their interest in the chosen topic. Choosing a catchy title isn’t as tedious as student think it is. Here are some of the steps they can do:

  1. Write everything – It will help essay writers to choose the right title if the essay copy is done already. This will determine the main idea where the title will emerge.
  2. Know the audience – Putting the writer’s self in the shoes of the readers. Think about a title that will entice readers read the essay.
  3. Scan the essay – There are a lot of possible essay titles that can be use if the essay writer will re-read copy itself.
  4. Imitate how tv show titles are made – It really helps if they will observe some of movie and tv show titles and how they catch attention of tv viewers and movie goers.
  5. Review the poems or quotes used in the essay – This can also be use as essay title as long as it expresses the thought of the whole essay.

Contrary to these steps, they must also remember that titles should be carefully done and here are the things they shouldn’t do in essay titles:

  1. Long titles – Essay titles should be in 4 to 5 words. Long or short titles are ok just as long as it’s catchy.
  2. Eliminate scientific and hard to understand terms – The goal of a title is to express the thought of the essay not to impress readers so try to make titles that is understood by all.
  3. Use subtitles – There are times where a writer can’t put the main idea of his essay in the main title that’s why subtitles are used to support the main title.
  4. Boring titles – Enhance an essay title by writing a catchy phrase or quote first followed by a colon then the title.
  5. Avoid offensive titles – As much as possible, use decent words in the title. Avoid profanity and obscurity in essay title.

Writing the perfect title in essays is as important as writing the main idea. Bear in mind that titles aims to give readers an overview of what the essay is. Make is as simple as possible and what matters most is that readers are able to read and appreciate the essay.

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