Economic issues present a vast array of potential topics for an essay. One can look to the past to write about the role history has played in the evolution of economic ideologies. A multipage essay can also be written just about sexuality in television advertising and its effect on the spending habits of teen viewers. When looking for a topic, it is best to decide immediately whether to take a broad approach or to narrow it down to a macroeconomic subject.

Economic Order Quantity

Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) is a formula for determining the point at which carrying costs and ordering costs for inventory becomes equal. A persuasive essay could be written that takes the perspective that EOQ should not be preferred to a Just-In-Time inventory practice for most small businesses.

Gross Domestic Product

Write an essay that reveals how American media places too much importance on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as an authentic indication of overall economic growth. An informative essay could explain how the GDP is arrived at while also revealing the statistical information that is lacking in the process.

Effect of Internet on Economics

A relatively recent list of essay topics to consider are those that revolve around using the Internet. Suggested topics range from the online world’s effect on state and local economies due to the lack of sales tax being imposed on many items to the effect that email has on reducing worker productivity.

Dow Effect

Research how much the state of the Dow Jones actually influences the route of daily economics. Answer questions such as whether the media places undo emphasis on the handful of stocks that make up the Dow Industrial Average as well as whether the Dow can be manipulated to spur economic confidence that should not exist in the consumer base.

Effect of Illegal Immigration on Economy

A hot topic for an economics essay would be to examine the real economic influence of illegal immigrants. Find out whether illegal immigrants are actually more of a drain on the American economy or if their buying and spending habits make them an integral part of the free-enterprise system. You could also write a persuasive essay that argues that the focus of illegal immigration punishment should not be on the immigrants but on the business owner who knowingly hires them.

Yield Management Systems and Competitive Advantage

An essay on yield management systems could be tailored to determine whether or not the system provides a competitive advantage over competitors. Research how companies use the complex statistical mathematics of yield management to get the edge over other companies by having more control over discounts, early sales and overbooking.

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