Writing an essay can be a daunting task. The subject matter and skill level of the writer play a great deal into how successfully the writing process will go. Economics is an often difficult topic to write about in an interesting way. Follow these steps to write a well written, entertaining, and well informed economics essay, and make the essay writing process smoother for everyone involved.

  1. Determine what venue the essay is to be submitted in, for example is it for class, an essay contest, college entrance essay, or for a standardized test. Ask yourself who will be reading the essay and try as best as possible to clarify the specific instructions for the essay.
  2. Do preliminary research to find an economic topic that you can relate to. For example, you could research inflation costs, gas prices or stock trends. You need to personally resonate with the topic in order to write a superior essay. Write down a few topics that catch your eye and then narrow it down to one choice.
  3. Brainstorm possible thesis statements, using the subject matter you choose during the subject selection process. Make sure your thesis has a viable idea that you are confident you can prove or disprove in your essay.
  4. Use the five-part method to construct your essay structure. The essay should be broken down into the following sections: introduction with thesis statement, background information on topic, thesis-supporting arguments, thesis-denying statements or arguments and conclusion with restatement of thesis.
  5. Be familiar with relevant economic vocabulary and you are armed with updated information about economic theory. Use active voice and a dynamic writing style. Invoke interest in the topic to engage your reader, either through humor or other tactics.

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