Writing an essay in the rhetorical essay format is a cinch if you remember that preparation is key. To build solid arguments, a writer must do his homework, hone the central idea of his essay and provide well-reasoned supporting statements.

Do your homework. Rhetorical essays usually benefit from conscientious research by the writer. The last thing that a writer should do when writing an essay is to make unsubstantiated claims.

Carefully establish the thesis of your rhetorical essay. An essay’s thesis, or central idea, should be arrived at after careful consideration. Don’t be afraid to polish an early version of your thesis to enhance its power. A solid thesis is one upon which various supporting statements can easily be attached.

Reinforce your essay’s thesis with the use of supportive reasoning. A rhetorical essay should not be written in a narrative style, but rather in a persuasive style. Thus, a writer should analyze ideas or concepts rather than merely summarize them for a reader.

Develop an intriguing introduction to your essay. The first words that a reader encounters when reading an essay should beckon him to read further. Rather than craft an introduction that submerges a reader into a bland essay format, write with panache. Consider your reader’s interests and compete to satisfy his short attention span.

Cap off the essay with a succinct conclusion. The conclusion of an essay should summarize the essay’s contents but it also should inspire a reader to take action.

Discover a fitting title for your essay. Although an essay’s title is the first thing that a reader is likely to see, it is probably the last thing that a writer should write. After a writer has finished composing an essay and is firmly aware of its contents, finding a title is likely to be less of a challenge than when he is preparing to writing the essay, uncertain of its contents.

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