Essay writing is one of the most critical skills that one needs to be successful in academics. This article will explain in broad terms how to write an essay from start to finish, as well as tips on things such as a tutor directory which can point you in the direction of help with your essay. Although writing an essay for any class can be a daunting task, by understanding the way that an essay is formatted and structured you will find that mastering the art of writing essays is possible.

The first and most important step in writing an essay is choosing a topic to write about, so long as your topic has not already been assigned to you. Although there is nothing wrong with challenging yourself by writing about a topic you are not knowledgeable, it will be in your best interest to choose a topic that appeals to you. This will make researching the topic easier to do. It is also critical to make sure that your topic is neither too broad nor too narrow, and suits the kind of paper you are writing (informative, argumentative or otherwise).

The next step is to form a thesis statement and construct an outline for your essay. Your thesis statement is a single sentence which dictates the paper’s purpose. It is important for your thesis statement to be clear as it serves as a sort of road map for the reader. The outline is your chance to plan the structure of the paper from introduction to body to conclusion. The outline will some up this structure as well as the main points and sub points of the paper that you would like to address.

Next up is the the task of writing the introduction, body, and conclusion of the essay. In most cases it is wise to start by writing the body first, as the introduction will touch on many of the points in the body, and the conclusion will summarize and add final thoughts to those points. The body should contain all of your main points that you wish to include in your essay. These points should be organized into clear, concise groupings that serve the purpose of educating the reader on your purpose. It is important to understand proper paragraph structure and make sure that the body of your essay is organized well so that the reader does not become confused, lost, or disinterested. The intro to your essay should include your thesis statement as well as a clear description of what will be contained in the essay, briefly describing points you’d like to hit and so on. The conclusion should neatly tie together and summarize all of your points together in a concise manner as well as reinforce the overall purpose of your paper. It should leave the reader satisfied and your goal should be achieved. Although essay writing is an in depth process, a good tutor directory can help you learn how to write an essay, and by following these tips you should be well on your way to essay writing success!

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