Career aptitude tests analyze different aspects of your personality to help you determine which jobs are most likely to suit you the best. They can be a very helpful tool in choosing an appropriate career path, especially if you really do not have a good feel for what you would like to do for a living. The tests typically include wide range of questions, including questions about whether you prefer to work in a group setting or alone and about your approach to problem-solving. The results will usually tell you a little about your personality type and provide a list of fields you have a high probability of enjoying a successful career in. These tips will show you how to take a career aptitude test.

Find a test online. There are several great websites that offer these aptitude tests. Many of them are free, such as, but some charge a fee for the full assessment using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Answer all the questions honestly. You need to be honest in order to receive an accurate assessment.

Submit your test. Receive your results and read your assessment to see the jobs available to an individual with your distinct personality traits. If the assessment seems completely inaccurate, go back to ensure you answered all the questions as honestly as possible.

Consider choosing a career in one of the recommended fields. Most people will find their job more satisfying and rewarding when it complements their own individual style and personality traits.

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