Criticism essays are written for the purpose of critically analyzing a subject matter, generally, criticism essays are written for analyzing any literature work. However, you can also analyze any movie or art plays. You can also compare two books or movies depending on how you want to write your criticism essays.

Literary criticism essay is solely based on your thinking but you cannot express it in your own words, rather you have to conduct research work to provide strong evidences and proofs to support your thesis statement. Another important aspect of literary criticism essays is that it should be logical and organized, here; we are providing you with a brief guideline on how to structure essays on criticism.

Comprehensive guideline on structuring literary criticism essays:

How to write the introductory paragraph?

There can be two cases, first; if you are writing a short essay then you might not be required to write long introduction, rather provide a two or three sentences containing the thesis statement. On the other hand, if you have to write lengthy essay, then you must also provide background information about the topic as well.

How encapsulate the primary resources?

At first, you should know what are the primary resources that you will be using in the criticism essays? Then identify them point by point in the essay; it has been observed that student tend to write long summaries which is not appropriate for criticism essays.

How to evaluate primary resources?

Have you read the book carefully; what do you think the writer is saying to you? Analyze the work of the author from different angles, has he been able to convey the message effectively to the reader. Do you think he write from a logical perspective or imaginative. Also discuss all the facts that he has used to support his viewpoint in the book. End your discussion by tell the reader that the writer was biased or objective.

How to provide the evidences?

You have provided everything to the reader from the author’s background to the resources etc. Now, it times to support all the viewpoints you shared with the audience by giving some sturdy evidences, this would make your essay more credible and readable.

How to support the primary sources?

This can be done by providing sound arguments that will not only support the thesis statement but also the primary resources that you used to prove the thesis statement.

How to write the conclusion?

Conclude your criticism essay by re-mentioning all the important points that you discussed so far in the preceding essay. Re state the thesis statement if possible and a final statement that will eventually close the essays on criticism.

Hence, the above how to guide will help you craft a grade winning criticism essay but only if you strictly follow them. Final words of advice are to read the book as many time as possible in order to grab the main plot of the book and if find any problem consult your teacher.

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