If you teach middle or high-school students, you are familiar with the challenge of motivating teens to study. They live in a world filled with extra-curricular activity, teen emotion and peer pressure. For many teens, the focus of school is social interaction, not academics. No matter what subject you teach, you need to demonstrate time-saving study skills that

Review the basics. Hopefully, your students will already be familiar with highlighting important information and reviewing it daily. Reinforce these concepts when giving notes. Show them how to take notes in outline form and write short phrases. Encourage them to read their notes daily.

Emphasize time management and organization. Since most teens’ have many demands on their time, ask them to get a planner and write their daily schedule, including weekends. They should write down test and assignment dates, so they can plan study time accordingly. You may want to require students to keep a planner for one grading period so that everyone will at least try to schedule their time more wisely.

Demonstrate effective study habits. For example, get a binder, paper and dividers and show them how to organize their homework, classwork and other pertinent information. Sit down in front of the class with some notes, read them aloud and tell them ways to remember facts like making word associations or assigning acronyms.

Enlist the help of teens’ parents so they can reinforce study skills at home. Communicate with parents often. Let them know about upcoming tests and projects so they can help their children study.

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