The main part of the essay is the body. This is the main tool with which you communicate and prove your point of view. Therefore, detailed study of this part is extremely important.

If you write a small essay that embraces only a couple pages or even one page text, you have to remember that the body is usually twice the conclusion. Thus, it is reasonable to allot one paragraph for introduction and conclusion, and two paragraphs – for the body.

Apparently most essays have larger volumes. If you are working on a long essay, then be careful that the contents of each chapter have to be the same as the point of the plan. In fact, each chapter is a miniature essay in one brief thought. Formulate a statement to support or refute this idea in the beginning of each part. Each part of a larger essay should include not less than 5 or 6 sentences.

The body of your essay is a collection of facts and evidences to support your thesis. Try to make all this mass was most convincing.  In the body it is quite possible to use a quote from a periodical or scientific works. In an artistic essay body contains course of events, and this course should look logical.

Each body part should end with a brief summary. General conclusions of essay and resume in the body are two different things. In the first case, it would look like summing up your thoughts. All body parts are interconnected with a logical sequence: the idea must pass from one paragraph to another without difficulty.

If the plan of your essay provides sub-items, try to keep each point consisted of no less than two paragraphs. One item and one sub-item look unconvincing. Sure your topic, even if it seems rather narrow and sectional to you, can reveal more, making the second and third paragraphs.

You may plan to use complex terms or citations in a different language in the body, so you have to remember about using notes. Most often, the notes are written on the same page or at the end of work, after the conclusion section. Priority of notes is complied with the numbering. Usually we use inline notes, which stand on the same page. Explanation is typed in a smaller font.

There were simple rules that would help making your work readable and reaching a neat appearance. This contributes to its high estimate.

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