The practice of taking in modern universities, high schools, colleges and even at work is that we need to show our ability to think and communicate as well as represent our ideas to a finite audience. That’s why exams and tests are supplemented or even replaced by essay.

In previous articles, we devoted much time to an academic kind of essay. During your study you need to take a written work from time to time, and because at that time the head and so crammed with new material, we tried to clarify writing a bit and give some useful advice. And now we’ll talk more about other essay’s kind – your presentation, which may be an entrance ticket to the place where you always wanted to learn or work.

Structure of this essay is standard. Introduction, body and conclusion. Typically, the size of such composition does not exceed two pages. However, the most important thing in this essay is not even the appearance, but style and the language in which it is written. Stylistics should be maintained in a formal manner, but to cling, to hold an attention. If you know that the bright writing is your Achilles’ heel, try to invest a maximum of creativity at least in the entry; it’s just one paragraph.

Before embarking on the preparation of this essay, you need to make a “reconnaissance”. Unless you are a first class specialist (then the question arises, why are you looking for a job) or a graduate who goes on a contractual basis, you need to present yourself precisely to those candidates who are looking for. In vacancies or general information about the school there always is couple of phrases in this regard. Look closely, sure they are. Perhaps it is “proactive, ready to learn, with an analytical minded”, isn’t it? Here you have to describe these qualities. However, it’s better to defer this description to the body.

Prior to describing the qualities required provide information why you choose this job or this particular university. There’re hundreds of places where you can show yourself off, but you go to the exact place for some reason. Of course, the motivation “to be” is not what they want to read in essay. By the way, here you can rely on recommendations from friends and relatives, articles in magazines, but not more than in two sentences, because mainly you write about yourself and your future relationship with this place.

To be continued…

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